WMH Truck Stop Ministry Chapel


 When God promised to give us the desires of our hearts He revealed just how much He loves us. He will give us His goodness or Satan’s sin which ever we desire. I can give testimony to both sides of the offers. I tried Satan’s sin and it was fun but death and destruction is the harvest and payday. I am so glad God’s Holy Spirit changed my heart’s desire to seek His goodness and serve Him.

Every year we see more and more salvations and it’s not because we at WMH Ministries have evil-heart-desires.

 When we get our hearts right with God good and wonderful things happen. God promised, “Draw close to me and I will draw close to you”.

We are so blessed to be the recipient of praying-prayer-partners from many different individuals and churches. So many who believe and practice fasting, prayer, and serious intercessions. When the prayers go up, God’s blessings and favor come down.

WMH Ministries are honored and blessed for the God sent volunteer Chaplains who are sold out to God, dedicated, and storing up treasures in Heaven.

We are fortunate having received outside donations to keep the Chapel open and operating at full speed and at full service as we continue to offer Christ’s love, emergency help, and ministering meals* to truck drivers. *Love often starts in the stomach.

Drivers often ask how do you do this without receiving donations from truck drivers. I respond by telling them it can only happen when God is in total control and pleased. Only then will the ministry become fruitful and the leadership stay anointed.

Jesus’ life mission was pleasing the Father and being about His business, Luke 2:49. We receive phone calls at all hours of the night from weeping and troubled people. Thank God He can trust us with His most precious work.

We need and covet your prayers and support as we continue to be blessed and pleasing to God in our humbling offerings. Remember, drivers are only one decision away from Heaven or Hell. Please, keep us in prayer.

We now have a short 5 minute video of the ministry. Thanks to Scott Hail, Shawn Murphy, and funding from John and Jeanette Murphy from Mc Donough, Ga.  This is a tool to identify and introduce us to the churches and busineses in the immediate area of S.E Atlanta, Conley, Decatur, and Forest Park. We are praying for a 24 hour Chapel and much needed funds for the operation of a salvation, comforting, and out-reach ministry.


We are always open for special speakers to come, learn, share, and see what we are all about. I believe God is going to do some great and wonderful things not because of but in spite of our offerings.

Don’t forget to keep up with us on the web page and read the weekly news letter.    wmhministries.com

God bless and thanks-to-all-who-love-give-serve-and-pray. Chaplain Ken and Sarah Richards.

W.M.H. Ministries

Serving strangers with demonstrated love

Let us invite you to your new 40 ft.  special built modular Chapel that God has provided. Look for us at a the Pilot truck stop at 2605 Bouldercrest Rd. exit 51 off  I-285 in south east Atlanta Ga.30316            

Ph. # 404-212-8733

You can call Ken and Sarah at 404-580-2901.  404-622-1291



 1John 1:9 reads If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Pray, Father God I confess I am a sinner I repent and I need your forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord for saving me and giving me your salvation. Congratulations if you prayed this prayer. You just became a family member.

  Ken and Sarah Richards have answered God's calling with obedience, dedication, and servant hood. Ministering God's love, grace, mercy, and the plan of salvation to all people at  the Pilot truck stop # 404-212-8733 at 2605 Bouldercrest Rd. S.E. Atlanta, Ga. 30316, I-285 exit 51.


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday mid morning - mid afternoon,

Wednesday mid afternoon until closing with our 7:00 pm. service

Service announcements made on CB channel 19. Chapel is open five days. Sunday & Wednesday services are scheduled for two hours, but will be led by the spirit. Chaplain Ken & Sarah are off duty Saturdays and Mondays. Please remember to keep us, our dedicated, faithful, and annointed Chaplains lifted up in prayer.

W.M.H. is a non-denominational ministry with a federal 501c status serving under the watchful eye of a local church with a governing board of directors and a 5 member advisory staff. We are devoted to introducing all people to their Creator and Savior through repentance and believing that God’s plan of redemption must be only through Jesus and his shed blood.  The King James Version of the Bible teaches the virgin birth, death on the cross, That Jesus was raised from death on the third day and 40 days afterwards He ascended to Heaven.  Also, revealing the message of Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan for every life.  While Hebrews 5:12 teaches spiritual growth and development is very essential to living a blessed, fruitful and victorious life.

Chaplain Ken Richards has lived in southeast Atlanta, Georgia, not all, but most of the last 50 plus years. He has a small electrical company, has served as an associate pastor at a local church, and served as a full and part time chaplain in the trucking industry for 20 years. He also worked many years with an inner city ministry downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Ken received God’s salvation at a Halloween party at a private Christian school (Berry College in Rome, Georgia) in 1955. He was baptized in the River Jordan in Israel to celebrate his spiritual Birthday. He studied briefly at a local Bible college. Ken was sick for 20 years then declared physically handicapped with two incurable diseases. He has been spiritually and divinely healed and has been well for over 30 years.  Ken is now 71 years young and should be retired, but instead is starting this new ministry.[10-4-2011] Please keep them in prayer as he and Sarah surrenders for the work of this ministry.


Welcome to Waters of Mount Hermon