WMH Truck Stop Ministry Chapel


                      "Ken's Heart"... Serving strangers with demonstrated love. [Matthew 25:35]

The very heart of my offerings is simply "God's love to all people"; and that somehow, God might use me to reveal the real and true Jesus of the Bible. Praying and seeking God for those who are living demonic and defeated lives. For the ones who have not yet been “born again” {John 3:3} and having not yet received God's plan of salvation.The Bible teaches us that God does not bless sin. My prayer is to have God redeem "all" that none should perish but have everlasting life. John 10:10 warns us of our enemies destructive plans to kill, steal, and destroy. Satan's best weapon is deception; crafty deception.  To blind the very eyes of our understanding, to hide and distort the truth, to lead us astray, and glorify His evil, pleasurable, and destructive sin.  Join me in praying; Our Father, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Forgive us, we ask Lord, strengthen and guide us as we strive for Godly measures of spiritual maturity fulfilling the scripture teachings in Hebrews 5:12-13-14. Please keep us in prayer.


Sarah's Heart

Sarah has been an over the road truck driver since 1993. She can first-hand-relate to the desperate need for Christian fellowship and Chapel Services for traveling people and especially trucker drivers. Many times Sarah could not find a local place to worship. She has been so blessed with a gifted heart and a serious desire to minister. Doing the work of the Lord ministering salvation to the lost and assisting in Christian growth and development and praying for each and every need.
Sarah was born and raised on a North Carolina tobacco farm near Winston Salem. The farm now owned by the Amish (her neighbors).
Sarah was redeemed, born again, and baptized at 8 years of age. She worked and attended that same local church most of her life.
Sarah and her first (now deceased) husband of 47 years had always planned to drive a truck after their children were out of the nest. They drove as an over the road team until he went home to be with Jesus. Almost two years later she met Chaplain Ken at the T.A. truck stop, interstate 285, exit 53 on the S.E.side of Atlanta, Ga. The T.A. closed and shut down 9-3-2007 two weeks before she married Chaplain Ken on 9-15-2007. Ken then joined her as a co-driver. Since then they have ministered all over the U.S.A., Canada, Alaska, and down to Mexico. Ministering in Chapels, Churches, restaurants, T.V. rooms, parking lots, rest areas and any place the establishments and God's Holy Spirit would permit, allow, and lead.
Sarah wishes to share a part of a poem written by Ruth Graham at age 13.
Look o'er the people about you; faces so furrowed with care; lined and hardened by sorrow; sin has placed on them there; think of the evil they live in; hopes none and joys so few; love them, pray for them, win them; lest they should perish, too.
In relation to Ruth Graham’s poem, I ask myself Lord, am I looking about me? Do I really care enough about the hopes and joys of others? Lord, do I Love and pray for others as I should? Lord, help me win the lost to Jesus. Just as He said John 3:14 – 17 (per Sarah) Jesus wants none to perish, but all to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. I ask myself, Sarah, am I doing all Jesus would have me do? Who of us would write our name where Sarah has written her's?