WMH Truck Stop Ministry Chapel

                          ACCURACY 7-14-2018 BROken

On Monday and Thursday of this week my relatives and other people used their calendars to “accurately” determine the exact days of my son and wife’ birthday. If we consider the “accurate” day Sarah was born {1942} we know for certain she is a little older than 39 years; even though she doesn’t look like it. Chuckle, chuckle.

My grammar school teachers so very often question me about the “accuracy” of my stories and explanations when all the facts did not exactly add up to being reasonable and true.

I recall the commercial where the little boy is denying he ate the chocolate cake and chocolate all over his face. His denial story was not exactly “accurate”.

Little boys and girls don’t always communicate the “accurate” truth. And they don’t have to be those good ones who go to church. Sometimes I think there are professional story tellers who actually believe their own lies.

The Apostle Peter said to Jesus, “I will die for you” and only a few hours’ later scripture reveals he even cursed as he expressed his denial of knowing Jesus. Yep, ole Peter’s statement was not even close to being true and “accurate”.

The Bible states that liars will not go to Heaven. Thank God that statement is not totally “accurate” because we only need to repent and confess our sins without lying.

Satan did not tell Eve the complete “accurate” story in the Garden of Eden. Satan said, “You will not die”. Eve ate the forbidden fruit and discovered the truth. We must be led by God’s Holy Spirit in all we do, say, and live.

Scripture reveals and uses the word perfect 114 times. Let us strive for the perfection God so desires for each of our lives. Every new level we attain in strength and degrees of confidence in trusting God is paramount.

“Accuracy” should be our spiritual goal to reach perfection and demonstrate the spiritual benefits that God has provided for trusting believers.

We read in Amos 7:7-8 how God was able to give Amos a spiritual vision and reveal to him the waywardness and very sin nature that had completely corrupted the whole nation. God instructed Amos to use a “plum line” to demonstrate their “in-accuracy” living.    

At the county fair when we played the little prize willing games we so often heard the booth operator say, “Close but no cigar”; when we did not win.  I hear people tell home spun stories about why they think they are going to Heaven.  Sadly, the Bible recipe reveals they are not “accurate” with their secular thinking.

Pray; Father God, I ask you to forgive my sins. I now invite Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and Savior. Lord, help me to both serve You and demonstrate Biblical “accuracy”. If you prayed this prayer and believe Jesus is Lord we want to congratulate you for becoming a family member. Keep us in prayer. Chaplains Ken and Sarah Richards.